Week 2 - Not ruffty tuffty but jibbering jelly.

We finished our visit to Dicky last night with a trip to the local Chinese restaurant where we had a good meal with pleasant company, a good end to a good visit.

Our way south was to be via Maastricht a town we visited briefly a few years ago, promising ourselves we would return for a proper stay and our destination for today was Campsite Oriental half way between Maastricht and the tourist town of Valkenburg.

I felt a bit rough when we got up and couldn’t face breakfast, perhaps I had eaten more than I thought at the Chinese last night, or perhaps something disagreed with me (please note no alcohol was involved 😳) but set off looking forward to the day  as it heralded the start of our journey proper.

It was a nightmare.

At various times I felt sick, hot, cold and concentrating on the driving was almost, but fortunately not quite, impossible and we arrived safe but not so sound around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Immediately after setting up I went to my pit and stayed there for two days getting up only to pee which as time went on got smaller in quantity, so more frequent, and increasingly painful. Feeling worse as time passed the camp site receptionist phoned a local doctor surgery for me and explained the problem, then handed the phone to me, the doctors receptionist asked when we would like the appointment. “As soon as possible I said” “Ok come straight down and bring a sample with you.”

Fifteen minutes later we had arrived and booked in at the doctor's surgery, Before we had even sat down and got our books out the receptionist was back with a young woman in tow whom she introduced as the doctor, in her surgery she explained that I had a UTI and would need a course of antibiotics to clear it.

We are now at the end of week 2, the course of antibiotics is half way complete peeing is easier, though still not pain free and things are generally starting slowly to improve but we are stuck here until (hopefully) the all clear after my next appointment on Friday.

I had always thought I was a ruffty tuffty bloke until getting this infection, I now know I am really just a jibbering jelly.

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