2 - Bilbao to Estramoz

Total distance 808 km (502 ml)

This journey from the Bilbao ferry port to Camping Alentejo, a little beyond of Estramoz was done in three stages the first from Bilbao to Burgos (Camping Fuentes Blancas), the second from Camping Fuentes Burgos to Plasencia (Camping Monfrague) and the third from Plasencia to Estramos (Camping Alentego).

A to B - Bilbao to Burgos (Camping Fuentes Blancas). Distance 174 km (108 ml).

This is a reasonable site to head for after getting off the early afternoon docking ferries, the route is almost all motorway so a good speed can be maintained, although the toll fee is €21 but can be easily avoided if time is not an issue. In our case not only was time a particular issue the rain was “persisting” down and after taking an hour and a half to disembark a boat that was already over an hour late any toll costs would have been deemed well worth it.

B to C - Burgos to Plasencia (Camping Monfrague). Distance 391 km (243 ml)

This is, for us, quite a distance, but practically all of it is on toll free motorway and for the latter part passes through attractive countryside.

C to D - Plasencia to Estramoz (Camping Alentejo). Distance 243 km (151 ml)

In the past the sat-nav has taken us all the way on the motorway, however on this occasion it suggested we turn off the motorway at Caćeres and cut across country on a good quality secondary road to Badajoz. What a pleasant road it turned out to be. Little traffic, superb countryside views most definitely a far better, and shorter journey than on the motorway and as a bonus it was also quicker by a considerable margin.

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